24dientes’ main purpose is reinventing the ordinary with design objects with a clever twist to make the daily routine more amusing. All our products have their originality in their twisted functionality.


Our company name 24dientes is a Spanish name, which means 24 teeth. When you put your biggest smile in your face, the most you can show is 24 teeth.


All our products are exclusively created and designed by 24dientes, PRODUCED IN EUROPE and distributed is shops worldwide.




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24Dientes on Compradicción

We are absolutely addicted to this blog and love that our products Pillow No Fight, Noteme Pillow, I Tie You pillowcase, Stess-Less labels and I Will Survive plantpot appear on it!!! Muchas gracias chicos!

I will survive on Swiss Miss

They say our plantpot made them smile, same here with this post! Thank you!!!!!

Like Dislike napkins on Trend Crib

Thank you Trend Crib!

Colorfulnights on One More Gadget

Love the post, thank you Graeme!

Like Dislike Napkins on Design for mankind